When was the last time you milked a cow at work?

Making a birdhouse

The ideal discipline to start your program.

It will test skill, patience and respect for authority. In this case, to instructions on how to assemble the parts correctly to create a real birdhouse. You will take the finished birdhouse away with you as a souvenir.

Boat time trial

You don't stand out on water, you blend in on water!

The boat race around the islet is a big test for the team. Only those who can take it at the same pace as the others will succeed.

Hod vidlemi

Everyone wants to try it sometimes, but not everyone has it in them.

You'll find that throwing a pitchfork at something is harder than it looks. In order to hit the target in the form of a bale of straw, you must not lack precision and a carefully measured dose of strength.

Tractor ride

Managing large teams or projects is a piece of cake for you?

But how do you handle driving a big toy? Trotting a real tractor on a track marked out by cones will show you that caution and foresight are sometimes more important than risk-taking and speed.

Monkey track with wheels

Having only one bike is no advantage...

On the other hand, you'll benefit from speed - and balance - when sprinting down the track with a wheel.

Milking the cow

Feeling, technique and rhythm

If you have feel, technique and rhythm, you won't cry over spilt milk. You'll milk it exactly where it belongs - in the jug. We use an artificial cow that gives either milk or water.

Cleaning the stables on time

One for all and all for one.

Cleaning the stable box is a challenge for the team. Rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the real dirt requires cooperation and coordination. And attention to detail. Because our head stable boy will be checking the results. And believe me, he requires five-star care for his horses.

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