Real contact with nature

Welcome to the Ecocentre

You will meet animals from all the continents of our Earth (except the permafrost of Antarctica) in the Ecocentre.

You will discover interesting facts about the life of exotic animals. Representatives of Europe are both permanently handicapped and wild specimens and you can meet them in the Labyrinth section. Along the way, you will also pass a farmyard that serves as a home for animals you may not have seen before.

In addition to the abundance of animals, you will be delighted by the playgrounds that will win the favour of the youngest, but certainly also the older ones.

You can look forward to a dominant rope castle and a fun playground in front of the bistro.

The bistro is a place where you can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also delicious coffee with a daily selection of cakes and a wide selection of popsicles for children.

Otevírací doba & vstupné do areálu

  • April - June:
    Saturday - Sunday, public holidays
  • July - August:
    Tuesday - Sunday, public holidays
  • September - October:
    Saturday - Sunday, public holidays
  • November - March:
  • Admission to the Ecocentrum
    Adults / 150 CZK
    Children (3-18 years) / 120 CZK
    Seniors/ZTP / 120 CZK
    Family (2+2) / 490 CZK

First moments

When you enter the Ekocentrum area, a picturesque log cabin appears right in front of you, where the Ekocentrum reception with a cash desk is located.

Here you will be greeted by friendly staff, from whom you will learn all the important information, buy tickets and choose one of our souvenirs from a wide range of souvenirs.

Peasant Court

The yard is now a contact point for visitors to meet the animals and feed them.

It is also called the "Sahara" and its inhabitants include an unusual breed of hens called silkworms, Cameroonian sheep and Göttingen mini-rats.


The adventure begins

As soon as you enter the labyrinth, the waterfowl are the first to greet you curiously. If you walk parts of the labyrinth crosswise, you will meet our permanently handicapped diurnal raptors and owls, mammals, wading birds and other inhabitants...


An unusual experience

The labyrinth is followed by an exposition of exotic animals that will surely fascinate you with their interesting active life and you will have a lot of fun when meeting them. At the exotic animals there are guided feeding sessions on weekends and holidays, led by a keeper...

Playgrounds for children

It will be hard to go home

Children will be impressed by the large rope castle, where they can frolic with their peers and have fun. In addition to the rope castle, this year we will be adding one new feature that you will be able to try at the start of the season. The second playground by the bistro is the perfect place if you want to enjoy a quiet lunch or just relax with a coffee while keeping your kids under control.

Bistro U Čápa

The bistro is part of the complex and can only be used by visitors of the Ecocentre or hotel guests. In addition to small snacks, you can find a selection of several main dishes, sweet desserts, sweets, drinks, ice cream and more. The bistro can also be used if you come to us as an organized group (offer for groups on request) or for a private party.

opening hours

  • April - June:
    Saturday - Sunday, public holidays
    10:00 - 17:00
  • July - August:
    Tuesday - Sunday, public holidays
    10:00 - 17:00
  • September - October:
    Saturday - Sunday, public holidays
    10:00 - 17:00

  • listopad - březen:

Educational trail

A slightly different walk

During the opening hours for the public you have the opportunity to take the so-called Educational Trail with a lecturer every hour (except 13h and 14h). This walk leads first through the Eco-centre and goes to places you can no longer reach on your own. The lecturer will guide you among the pastures and during the walk you will learn a lot of information about the life of horses, sheep, goats, cattle and South American llamas. You will see the beauty of the surrounding landscape and, in addition to the animals, you will learn about the history of the area and the history of the nesting of white storks. There will also be space for your questions or discussion with the lecturer.

Farm yard with a lecturer

One of the new features of the Ecocentre is a visit to our backyard, where you can get to know its inhabitants better during a dedicated hour.

It is also possible to buy the appropriate food at the reception of the Eco-centre and take it with you for the animals. For specific information regarding the time, please check the daily schedule of the Eco Centre.

Meeting with the caregiver

The keeper leads a guided feeding, during which you will hear a lot of interesting and engaging information.

On weekends, holidays and special events, we have a meeting with the caretaker, which is always at 1:00 pm for lemurs and kangaroos and at 2:00 pm for rhinos and meerkats.

Organised groups

Do you have a club, society, large group or are you going on a school or kindergarten trip? We can handle that too!

Organised visits for groups of more than 10 people, school trips and excursions must always be booked in advance by calling 731 738 225.
Group tours can be booked between April and October. For capacity reasons, we recommend booking well in advance.

If you are interested, please contact us at 731 738 225 and we will be happy to find a suitable date for you.

For schools and kindergartens

Trip to the Ekocentre

From our offer you will surely find the right one for your school trip. And if you are going to stay with us for the whole day, you can pre-order the lunch menu in Bistro U Čápa according to the current offer - offer for kindergartens and primary schools on request.

Suburban Camps

The year has come full circle again and it's time to start planning your kids' long summer holidays.

As every year, we have prepared 3 tours of children's suburban camps and suburban camps "in the saddle"!
Our camps are led by carefully selected and regularly trained experts.

Events for the public

You can follow the latest planned events on the website or social media.

Whether it's the opening of the season, themed weekends, Easter or the end of the season and many more, we always try to prepare something full of fun, creativity, experiences and good mood for you. You can follow the latest planned events on the website or social media.

Family celebrations

If you are looking for a place for your celebration in a beautiful setting full of interesting animals, feel free to contact us for more information.

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