A Place with a Great Spirit

Čapí Hnízdo is a unique  resort ideally suited for conferences, meetings, corporate or social events as well as a well-deserved rest in the beautiful countryside. Here you will find high-class accommodation, fine cuisine and a range of relaxing, sporting and agri-tourism activities. Čapí Hnízdo is perfect for individuals and families. Located less than 50 km southeast of Prague between Benešov and Olbramovice. Read more here.

Transforming Dvůr Semtín into Čapí Hnízdo

Čapí Hnízdo stands on the site of Kačerova Lhota, one of many settlements in the area destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War. The nobles of the time, however, established a new settlement on the site, Nový Dvůr Semtín, connected to the settlements of Semtín and Semtínek. Altogether, Dvůr Semtín measured 136 ha. In 1875 a distillery was added to the original agricultural activities of the settlement. Prosperity did not last long, however, and the settlement deteriorated over the course of the 20th century.

In 2006, work began on reconstructing the settlement and its buildings with an eye to creating a center for luxury accommodation, corporate events and leisure activities in a sensitive way suited to the character of the landscape. Four years later, the reconstruction was complete.

The dominant feature of Čapí Hnízdo is the modern riding school, which resembles a stork’s nest in appearance. Actual storks have lived here since 1926, returning every spring from their winter homes in Africa. The primary objective in building our resort was to create a unique place to which guests would want to return. A place where they would spend time in complete harmony with nature and the surrounding landscape.

Construction of the riding school received many honors, including nominations for Construction of the Year 2010, and made the Top Ten list of the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2011.

Map of grounds

Map of grounds


Farma Čapí hnízdo, a. s.
Dvůr Semtín 1
259 01 Olbramovice

Tel. +420 317 716 211
Mob: +420 725 593 712

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